Health is wealth®

The HSA Coach® app provides a convenient way to track your health expenses, along with helpful tools calculators to help you maximize your savings.

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The HSA Playbook

HSA account rules and limits are confusing to even the most knowledgeable participant. HSA Coach provides a Playbook to help you understand those rules and make the most out of your tax-advantaged savings account.

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How can HSA Coach® help me?

Make the most of your HSA Account

Whether your goal is to meet your high deductible out-of-pocket expenses or save for retirement, HSA Coach provides information, calculators, and tips on how to maximize your tax-advantaged savings.

Upload and store health expense receipts

You can store receipts and track out-of-pocket health expenses for you and your family. Easily maintain documentation of yearly distributions from your HSA Account for tax reporting purposes, and accumulate out-of-pocket health expense receipts for future tax-free withdrawals from HSA contributions and investment gains.

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A place to store and organize all of your health related documents

You can add pictures of your current or past health insurance cards, immunization records, test results, health insurance plan information, current medications, or anything and everything you want to have at your fingertips that may be relevant to you and your family’s health today and in the future.

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Employers - Why Offer HSAs?

  • Increased participation in high deductible health plans
  • Lower benefit premiums from increased adoption of high deductible health plans
  • Increased employee contributions to HSA accounts which decreases employer payroll taxes
  • Increased financial wellness of your workforce, both during their working years and in retirement

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